John Cena

McMahon calls John Cena “Babe Ruth” of WWE

Vince McMahon sent out a tweet on Sunday wishing John Cena a Happy Birthday and referred to Cena as the “Babe Ruth of WWE.”

Match announced for RAW

WWE announced this weekend that RAW General Manager Kurt Angle has booked Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto in a Dumpster Match for tomorrow night’s RAW in Kansas City.


  1. kinda hoped Kalisto would join cruiserweight division not get put in matches against guys twice his size just so Braun can carry on looking dominant

  2. Yet you pay Roid Assner $4 million more than him who shows no “Hustle Loyalty or Respect” for you or anyone but himself so your words mean nothing Vince.

  3. Right. Hogan or Sammartino would be more like the Babe Ruth of WWE. Cena would be more like the (steroid jokes aside) the A Rod or the Barry Bonds of WWE.

  4. I was just thinking “Well if Hogan is Babe, then Cena is more akin to Hank Aaron” but your analogy makes sense too.

  5. I want them to make him Mysterio 2.0 as a “giant killer” but we all know Vince won’t do that.

  6. Why can’t John Cena be the John Cena of the WWE. Why do we have to compare them to someone outside the business?

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