Mauro Ranallo

As reported on earlier this weekend, Mauro Ranallo made his return to MMA commentary this past weekend in Japan for RIZIN along with Frank Shamrock.

While Ranallo has been active on Twitter in the last few days making various comments that appeared to relate to WWE, it was very apparent that Ranallo took a subtle jab at WWE and terms to not be used within the company on commentary.

YouTube channel “Heel By Nature” posted this video clip below (beginning at the 1:05 mark) of Ranallo taking an obvious jab regarding the term “professional wrestler.”


  1. It’s just a matter of time before Stamford sends out the bots to smear Mauro Ranallo’s all over the internet.

  2. And even though he’s 100x tougher than Just a Bullying Loudmouth, I’m sure Frank Shamrock was much more professional & civil. That’s because Shamrock is an adult unlike Vince’s over-aged, pet frat boy.

  3. They won’t do that. This is because if those bots can be traced back to a WWE owned IP address, they’re setting themselves up for a libel lawsuit.

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