VICE covers JBL situation in WWE

Ian Williams of VICE Sports is featuring an article about John Layfield (JBL) and the current situation within WWE involving Mauro Ranallo’s departure from commentary. Similar to the article by the New York Post, VICE examines a “cataloging of incidents” involving JBL in the past and why the company should part ways with him.

“WWE has to make a choice and it has to make it now—the stories about JBL are blowing up into a firestorm. It can be the family-friendly company or it can be the seedy carnival. It cannot be both. If it decides on the former, it also can’t stop with JBL’s firing (and it must be a firing, not a simple suspension); there has to be a company-wide examination of the crudity of its culture. No more mean ribs. No more Vince McMahon pulling ‘hilarious’ practical jokes on people like the time he had very real cops pretend to arrest an employee. No more initiations, no more hazing.”

Smackdown delayed in Canada

Tomorrow night’s Smackdown Live (April 18) will be delayed on Sportsnet in Canada. The show will instead air on Wednesday night (April 19) at 7:30 p.m.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. What baffles me is how this is supposed to be a very political correct and PG brand (or atleast thats what McMahon wants everyone to believe) yet allows potential bullying and discriminational behavior without any concequences. Great example to send children. Like many others I hate the fact WWE became a PG product but clearly they cant even do that right?

  2. If Vice is going to do an article on WWE’s hazing & bullying issues, when is the article about every College/ University issues going to be published.
    From Harvard to every state University, there’s a problem.

  3. Vince is an over-aged frat boy himself. Telling him or any McMahon, other than Linda but including HHH, to grow up is like screaming at flies not to eat sh*t.

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