Kurt Angle

Washington’s Top News is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer and new RAW General Manager Kurt Angle where he is asked about Roman Reigns and his spot in WWE.

Angle talks in details about why he feels some fans have rejected Reigns.

“I love him. The issue with Roman is he was utilized and pushed way too fast. When you skip the U.S. Title, Intercontinental Title, the King of the Ring and go right to the top, fans don’t like that. … Half the fans love him; half the fans hate him. Same with [John] Cena. When Cena came in, Vince pushed the hell out of him and fans were like, ‘Gosh, dang. This guy’s invincible. I hate him!’ … If Vince waits it out a bit, fans will start to accept [Roman Reigns], and if they don’t, then turn him heel.”


  1. Exactly. Although I’m sure the resident moron umeer would concur that he isn’t being pushed fast enough.

  2. The thing with Cena though is that he was in the US title scene for a couple years before he got his mega push started in 2005. As for Roman, yeah he was pretty much push into the main event immediately after the Shield broke up.

  3. And they are doing almost the same to Nia Jax…
    All of a sudden she’s in the title hunt picture…
    And I probably can guess why…… cos I “can smell something is cooking”

  4. Well Kurt is definitely not wrong. I think the problem is also that Reigns is seen as Cena Part 2. The fans are tired of a decade plus of mediocrity with this Cena-led PG Era and are ready for something else, a fresh new act they can get behind. Not ANOTHER decade plus of mediocrity with some other guy they’re trying to force feed into the same, exact mold.
    WWE needs a different variety of top guys from era to era to keep fans interested. Hulk Hogan was different from Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart was different from Hogan, Shawn Michaels was different from Bret, Steve Austin was different from Michaels, The Rock was different from Austin, John Cena–was kind of a combination of Hogan & The Rock but was different enough. Now Cena has been on top since, what 2004? His fans have grown up, are tired of the same old sh*t, & are ready for something else; not a Cena sequel and the current ratings are a big reflection of that.
    Though in Reigns’ defense, the hatred directed towards him would’ve happened to anyone else WWE tried to shoe horn into Cena’s mold.

  5. No, they have been in need of a powerhouse female for a while, plus with only maybe 12 active females on two rosters, and no jobbers, they have to shake it up and make them look worthy. She is no where near as good as Kong was, but they need someone like that and not just a bunch of athletic Barbie dolls.

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