Mauro Ranallo

RIZIN Fighting Federation announced that Mauro Ranallo is headed to Japan to call the promotions PPV broadcast this Sunday live in Yokohama. Ranallo will reunite with MMA legend Frank Shamrock during commentary for the show.

As reported on last weekend, Ranallo remains under contract with WWE until August 12 and the belief is that he will never appear on camera again for the company unless plans change. Ranallo has been among the discussion in both the wrestling media and mainstream media over his current absence from WWE television. The New York Post picked up the situation a few days ago citing issues between Ranallo and John Layfield (aka JBL).

According to a new report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online this weekend, WWE officials have reportedly already initiated settlement talks with representatives for Ranallo. While not official, the belief is that WWE may be starting settlement talks with Ranallo to avoid any further public issues after the company was criticized for keeping Layfield on commentary while also promoting the Be A STAR initiative.

You can check out RIZIN’s official announcement about Ranallo below.


  1. You can really tell what side of the fence MaMahon is on with this kind of decision-making. “Hey, instead of fixing the problem, how about we throw money at the people saying there’s a problem!”

  2. Great! Thanks. if you want to check it out, I will be mentioning this tomorrow. we are live on Mixlr at 7pm Eastern US Time Zone

  3. HAHAHAHA! Ranallo threatened to sue their asses, huh? Good, take those corporate thugs for as much as you can wring out of them, Mauro! I’m also certain Frank Shamrock will be more professional & a much more civil broadcast partner for Mauro than Just a Boot Licker ever was. Too bad we can’t get Frank Shamrock & JBL on a broadcast team together. I’d enjoy seeing Shamrock pound Just a Boot Licker’s face in then break him over his knee if he tried getting out of line. That is, if the cowardly piece of sh*t was even dumb enough to dare intimidate him.
    Be a Hypocrite, WWE.

  4. that’s why they push useless POS like Cole and Graves; when they had greats like Gorilla, Jesse, Bobby the Brain, JR and the King. Cole Graves and JBL completely suck, and the sad part is that they’re still better than Otunga and Saxton. BRING BACK JOEY STYLES!

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