Mauro Ranallo

Smackdown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo is said to be not expected to return to WWE through the remainder of his contract with the company, according to a new report posted on Saturday by

The article states that a source close to Ranallo believes he will not return, but the article did not get confirmation by WWE on if Ranallo will return or not. WWE had issued a statement to on Saturday when asked about Ranallo’s current status with the company after Ranallo had removed all mentions of WWE on his social media accounts, stating that Ranallo’s WWE contract expires on August 12.

Ranallo has not appeared on WWE TV in over a month and missed Wrestlemania 33 due to a bout of depression, with Ranallo having dealt with bipolar disorder and depression throughout his life. Its been alleged by MMA commentator Bas Rutten, who Ranallo does a weekly MMA podcast with, that Ranallo’s recent bout of depression stemmed from comments made against Ranallo on and off camera by fellow Smackdown Live commentator JBL.

Ranallo will be returning to commentary tonight for Showtime’s Championship Boxing series and has begun promoting future MMA and boxing commentary gigs on his Twitter.


  1. Damn, man. If this is true, then I think we all should tell WWE they did a real good job letting John O’Clock run out another fantastic talent from the company. Sure hope having a goose-stepping racist-ass redneck who just shouts and yells incorrect things into a microphone is a better look for your company than the best sports announcer of this generation.

  2. Kinda saw this coming when he didnt appear for the 2nd week in a row. I wish him the best and hopefully he is healthy and in a better environment.

  3. I had a feeling Ranallo was making a BIG DAMN mistake going to work for WWE. I thought Vince would be his undoing, screaming into his earpiece, telling him to parrot his crap rather than letting Mauro be himself. Turns out that the Bill DeMott of the announce table, Just-a Boring Lame-ass (JBL) bullied another stand up guy out of the evil empire.
    So now what? I’m really enjoying J.R. & Josh Barnett doing commentary for New Japan on AXS TV. Great as Ranallo was there, he tended to dominate the commentary while Barnett hardly was able to get a word in edgewise. J.R. lets Barnett have more of a say and they have a much better give & take talking about company history & doing play-by-play. Maybe ROH can hire him? Mauro & Kevin Kelly would make a great commentary team plus it would really raise ROH’s profile to have him there.

  4. You heard JR just signed a 2 year contract to come back to WWE? I wonder if that will mean he will ultimately have to leave New Japan and I wonder if that will mean it’s a matter of time before they have him at the table again.

  5. It’s sad over the years how many people have revealed that JBL has bullied them and despite WWE being PG, sponsoring or partnering with Anti-Bullying programs, and not letting others go into business for themselves, WWE seems to always turn a blind eye to Bradshaw. They’ve done it in the past with big names (like HBK in his early days, and the Kliq in general) but I can’t figure out why they have with JBL. He contributes a little bit and was quite loyal to the company but so many others have contributed more and we’re more loyal and were shit on over and over – JR and King both come to mind. Anyway, there has to be a reason but I’m not sure we’ll ever hear what it is. Sad either way.

  6. I may be the minority here, but I don’t see why JBL being a dick should result in Mauro just up and basically quitting his job because someone was being mean to him. A lot of people are mistreated in the workplace by higher ups and they suck it up and move on. JBL shouldn’t act like a dick, but Mauro should be able to handle it like a grown man. Oh well. I was never a big fan of his commentary anyway and I hope JR takes his place.

  7. I thought Kevin Kelly was gone now from ROH. The last stuff I watched he was out and some new guy was there. Corino left, then I thought Kelly followed suit, but I am a few weeks behind.

  8. First off I in no way condone JBL for bullying if it is actually true. Especially when he works with at risk teenagers in his real life. However, not every commentator is everybody’s cup of tea and that is me with Ranallo. He certainly brought a lot of excitement but I was not a huge fan of his pop culture references and I personally never clicked with his “Mamma Mia” cacthphrase. However, I understand I am speaking only for myself and a vast majority of the fans loved him so I understand the disappointment in him having to go over a situation like this.

  9. Incase you didn’t read the article (probably didn’t), Mauro has mental health issues that prevent him from “handling it like a grown man”

  10. I thought Kevin Kelly was gone too but he was there with some other guy for the last 2 shows I watched. The most recent one was where The Briscoes & Bully Ray beat the Kingdom with Silas Young for the 6 man tag team titles. I just figured Kelly reconsidered & went back.

  11. I did not know that. Damn, I’ll really miss J.R. & Barnett doing commentary for New Japan on AXS TV. Well, I guess Mauro Ranallo has his old job waiting for him then.

  12. Hope he will come back. I really like his commentary…
    The rest of the guys are always quarreling like little girls

  13. I’m a few weeks back from there, but glad to know he’s back. Corino being gone to me was a big hit to ROH.

  14. Also a side from “handling it like a man” as you put there is a big difference from someone being a bit of a prick but still professional which is what most of us deal with to someone who all out bullies you. JBL has a history of this shit and the only thing the WWE seem to coast by on is that old line “Its the Wrestling Business” the only time ironically WWE ever acknowledge themselves as wrestling.

    My point being WWE has over the past decade quite aggressively promoted itself as modern professional entertainment producer of content the has the highest professional standards, in as much as they offered a job to arguably one of the most professional on air sports announcers to come along in a long while. This pro who has publicly spoken out on mental health issues that he has suffered with (already trying to break through something that is still seen as taboo to talk about).

    The point being any other professional organisation that had an employee who was being outright bullied by another employee (thats without taking into account the mental health issues) the employee being bullied would expect something to be done and if the company didn’t it would most likely find itself in a heap of trouble. WWE cannot go on with JBL and use the excuse “It’s the Wrestling Business” because as stated WWE don’t present themselves as such not to their corporate interests hell they dont even like to say Wrestling when describing wrestlers.

    WWE has never had much respect for the way things have always been done frequently dropping “traditions” of the business as and when it suited them, if they wish to present themselves as the wholly professional producer of entertainment that they currently do, then you cant have an employee who at this point is well known for bullying or hazing guys do those things. When JBL was doing his other ventures outside of WWE do you think he behaved in that manner? No because it would be deemed unprofessional of him, well he may not like it but in 2017 WWE isnt just the “wrestling business” anymore.

    All I can say is this whole situation smacks of a very unprofessional work place within WWE.

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