Mauro Ranallo

After Smackdown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo removed all mentions of WWE on his social media accounts on Friday, it was speculated that it meant Ranallo was going to be departing WWE. Ranallo had missed the last month of Smackdown Live tapings due to his latest bout with depression that is alleged to have been caused by comments made against Ranallo by fellow Smackdown Live commentator JBL on and off camera. received the following statement by WWE on Saturday morning in response to what Ranallo’s current contract status is with the company:

“Mauro Ranallo remains under contract with WWE until August 12, 2017.”


  1. I had thought the same thing when he started being active again and noticed that he made no mention, nor had them listed in his profile. Or they had *already* separated. If they let him stay off and the contract expire with no further word that would be a shame, but regardless of that he’s gotta do what’s best for him.

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