WWE Smackdown Live commentator JBL (John Layfield) responded to a fan question on Twitter on Friday about allegations made in recent weeks involving Mauro Ranallo and his absence from WWE television in recent weeks.

While not completely official, the culprit many pointed to was comments made by JBL during a recent episode of “Bring it to the Table” regarding Ranallo publicly thanking The Wrestling Observer Newsletter for ranking him the best announcer on TV.

As reported earlier, Ranallo has publicly revealed a battle with bipolar disorder and has been off WWE television for weeks battling a bout with depression.

JBL also addressed recent allegations in a new book released by former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts accusing Layfield of being a bully backstage.


  1. “I didn’t bully him, but he’s an idiot and nobody should believe what he says.”

    Seems legit.

  2. “I won’t comment on internet rumours, so here’s two examples of me commenting on internet rumours.”

  3. “He was hated by the whole crew.”
    Stop punching yourself. Stop punching yourself. Stop punching yourself.

  4. Typical bully tactics:
    1) Pick on someone that is seen as weak and/or disliked
    2) Justify yourself by claiming the victim was weak and/or disliked

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