Simon Gotch

One half of the Vaudevillains, Simon Gotch, was granted his release from WWE today.

No word on why Gotch requested his release, but WWE made it official by posting the following statement on on Wednesday afternoon.

“WWE has come to terms on a mutually agreed upon release with Simon Gotch as of today, April 5, 2017. WWE wishes Gotch the best in all his future endeavors.”


  1. The writing was on the wall when Superstars was cancelled and Smackdown was left without a B show. At least Raw has Main Event for their jobbers

  2. No big surprise. WWE ruined what should have been a great tag team. Same with Ascension, that tag-team was awesome when they were in NXT, and look at them now.

  3. Absolute shame on WWE for the way they wasted the Vaudevillains – the few matches of their that I saw in NXT, they weren’t just gimmicks, they really were good at storytelling in the ring.

  4. I got an idea. How about place him in the mid card. With Nakamaura,Corbin,Dillinger, Hawkins, Harper,English, Mojo Rawley they can actually have a lit mid card division. They just have to give them enough time to Orlando properly develop and it’ll be gols

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