Brock Lesnar

It took a total of 10 German suplexes and 4 minutes and 46 seconds later for Brock Lesnar to defeat Bill Goldberg to become the new WWE Universal champion.

Here is what went down per our WrestleMania 33 live recap on Sunday night.

“The bell rings and here we go. Lesnar immediately with a german suplex, a second and a third! Goldberg with a spear on Lesnar! Lesnar is back up and Goldberg with a second spear! Lesnar falls to the outside. Goldberg with a spear to Lesnar through the barricade at ringside crashing it apart! Goldberg with a knee and tosses Lesnar back in. Loud “GOLDBERG” chants in Orlando. Back inside, Lesnar has Goldberg up. Goldberg counters and hits a spear on Lesnar. Goldberg with the Jackhammer on Lesnar. Lesnar kicks out! Goldberg can’t believe it. Goldberg misses a spear when Lesnar jumps high over him! Goldberg hit the corner hard. Lesnar with more german suplexes leading the count to seven. Number eight by Lesnar. Lesnar with number nine. Orlando wants 10. Lesnar with 10 german suplexes on Goldberg. Lesnar has Goldberg up and connects with an F5. Lesnar hooks the leg and gets the win.”


  1. I really wish Goldberg had longer matches. I’m hoping at payback ppv they face eachother one last time and actually have a longer match

  2. Is there really anyone still out there who thinks Brock Assner earns his $12 million paychecks?

  3. I wish it had gone 3 more minutes. Goldberg kicks out of the F-5, hits another spear and jackhammer, Lesnar still doesn’t go down another F-5 out of nowhere 1-2-3. It was a short but sweet match. Just power moves.

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