Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar highest paid WWE star is reporting that Brock Lesnar was the highest paid star in WWE last year earning $12 million. This also doesn’t take into account the additional $2.5 million purse he earned in his return to the UFC last July at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt.

The overall list is as follows:

  1. Brock Lesnar ($12 million)
  2. John Cena ($8 million)
  3. Triple H ($3.8 million)
  4. Roman Reigns ($3.5 million)
  5. Dean Ambrose ($2.7 million)
  6. AJ Styles ($2.4 million)
  7. Shane McMahon ($2.2 million)
  8. The Undertaker ($2 million)
  9. Seth Rollins ($2 million)
  10. Randy Orton ($1.9 million)

New NXT titles to be revealed tonight

William Regal announced at Axxess on Saturday that at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, new NXT championships will be presented to the winners of all three matches tonight.


  1. HHH and Shane’s salaries are a disgrace. Granted they basically own the company, but that 6 million could be used somewhere else to better the product. Any guy from an Indy show does those garbage danger spots that Shane does, but they definitely don’t get 2.8 million for doing it in CZW.

  2. And worth every penny Lesnar is. As is Shane. (X( Shrewd business Vince McMoron.
    Randy Orton only gets 1.9 million?? After all the years he’s poured into WWE as the #2 guy behind Cena!!??? What the hell happened there???

  3. Worth every penny ??? How so ? .. He can’t cut a promo worth a shit as Heyman speaks for him, He gets beat in 1 minute, He doesn’t work on RAW…So tell me how he is worth every penny

  4. Naturally I was being sarcastic & facetious. Hence the (X( emoji along with calling Vince “Vince McMoron.”

  5. If you mean Randy Orton, he was taking time off from various injuries. But his work history overall warrants him a higher pay than what it shows he makes here.

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