Roman Reigns

John Cena and Roman Reigns exchange jabs on Twitter this week

Earlier this week, a video hit Twitter showing Kevin Owens talking with a fan at ringside and Roman Reigns breaking character by laughing. Reigns tweeted he was laughing at the remarks Owens was making regarding his merchandise check.

Not long later, John Cena saw the video and tweeted out the following.

Reigns then responded with the following tweet.

WWE looks at memorable debuts in 2016

WWE has posted a video looking back at big debuts in the company in 2016.


  1. How am I suppose to cheer for a wedding ruiner that mocks the income of somebody providing for his family the best he can.

  2. maybe he’s a tweener since he gets booed outta every building because fans think they’re sticking 2 fingers up to the machine. Reigns next big star, better boo this guy

  3. Management decided Roman should win the Royal Rumble and not Daniel Brian. It’s ROMAN’s fault!!! Booooo! Haha

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