Royal Rumble

During the opening segment of tonight’s 12/19 WWE RAW from Columbus, RAW General Manager Mick Foley revealed that Kevin Owens would be defending the WWE Universal Championship against WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV on January 29 inside the Alamodome in a rematch from Roadblock.

A special stipulation was announced for the match as Chris Jericho will be forced to step inside a shark cage that will hang above the ring during the championship rematch.


  1. So it’s the thing they did at NXT
    Takeover, basically.

    Can’t see it being that great. Will just be Jericho hanging out yelling that everyone is a stupid idiot.

    Scratch that. Match of the year 2016.

  2. Looking at everyone’s suggestion of how Jericho should somehow interfere in this match, in spite of being suspended high above the cage, I think (and I know my suggestion is kinda “out there”, so to speak) since Jericho gets sick cuz he’s afraid of heights for being in the cage that long he should THROW UP on Reigns the moment he’ll go to make a pin & then KO should somehow take advantage of this and pin him to retain the Universal Title.

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