WWE RAW preview

Early 12/19 WWE RAW preview

WWE RAW takes place live tonight from Columbus, Ohio. Tonight is the fallout from last night’s Roadblock: End of the Line PPV. The only thing set for the show is Big Cass vs. Rusev in a rematch from the Kickoff show last night.

Wrestleview.com will have live coverage of RAW beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Post-show videos from after the WWE Roadblock: End of the Line PPV

WWE posted the following videos from after last night’s Roadblock: End of the Line PPV.


  1. My prediction for tonight is a tag team match between Shield 2.0 Rollins,Reigns vs JeriKO and if HHH dosen’t show up tonight to answer Rollins call then he is literally a COWARD…

  2. WWE Confirmed This Storyline Is Setting Up A Match For Wrestlemania HHH vs. Seth Rollins So No HHH Wont Show To Answer His Challenge Plus It Will Be Stupid To Do That Anyway What Has Rollins Done He Hasn’t Done Nothing

    He Hasn’t Accomplished Anything He Said He Will Do To Get Triple H’s Attention

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