Brock Lesnar fine

According to Brett Okamoto from ESPN, Brock Lensar will be paying a $250,000 fine and serve a one year suspension for a failed drug test stemming from his fight back in July at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt.


  1. That would mean for the WWE bullsh*tters impose their “Wellness Policy” equally but BRRRROCCK LLLLLESNARRRR is too big of a star for that. Even though you have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot or Elvis at the average WWE show than seeing Lesnar there.

  2. So is that a year from now or a year from his fight in July? And does he keep his win? Like Jaime Miguel also said here, after winning $2 million at his last fight, $250,000 seems like a really light fine.
    At least UFC believes in some sort of discipline unlike those WWE jackasses & their selective outrage. Wellness Policy, pbbtt! >:p

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