Chris Hero

Chris Hero, who was signed by WWE and worked under the name Kassius Ohno from 2012-2013 as part of FCW and later NXT, is reportedly heading back to the company.

According to multiple wrestling media reports on Sunday, Hero is expected to make a return to WWE in 2017. He was cut by WWE in 2013 and remained active on the independent wrestling scene ever since his release from the company.

A report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online stated that Hero (Chris Spradlin) would likely be undergoing medical testing in preparation for an offer from WWE to return. Hero had not been taking a lot of bookings in 2017 leading to speculation. He was not denying the story about a return to WWE, but not addressing it per


  1. Yeah, I wonder if they let him keep “Chris Hero” since they have another wrestler with the initials “KO”.

  2. If he used Kassius Ohno, it wouldn’t be the first time WWE had two wrestlers with the same initials on the roster simultaneously. From 2008 – 2010 Tommy Dreamer and Ted DiBiase Jr. were both in WWE.

  3. True. I was just pointing out that they have had wrestlers with the same initials on the roster simultaneously. Another example of shared initials is John Morrison and Josh Matthews who were both on the WWE roster from 2002-2011. Matthews started out as wrestler before becoming an announcer. The KO was also a big part of the Kassius Ohno gimmick. One of his finishers was a discus elbow called The KO.

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