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Tom Casiello, who was the managing lead writer for WWE’s creative team overseeing both writing teams for RAW and Smackdown Live, was let go this week.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, Casiello was described as being “very influential” in the push of women in the company in the last year.


  1. The Difference Between Then & Now Is Cena Use Swear Words To End All Of His Talking/Raping Time So WWE Won’t Do That Because Of PG Plus If A Superstar Gets Mad They Might Accidently Say A Swear Word On TV

  2. He Might Be Responsible For Letting Only Charlotte & Sasha Banks Go For The RAW Women’s Championship & Not Letting Any Other Womens On Raw Have A Shot.

    He Also Might Be Responsible For The Shit James Ellsworth Storyline.

  3. I think people are trying to be so PC that they don’t always say how they feel. Stay Keibler and Torre Wilson are two of the best divas and were terrible wrestlers.

  4. Or there are those of us who actually prefer to take women’s wrestling seriously and are glad there are some quality talents which means that women’s matches aren’t excuses for a bathroom break anymore.

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