Mickie James

Update on Mickie James and WWE

Former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Mickie James has agreed to terms on a new three-year deal with WWE according to reports by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online and PWInsider.com on Thursday. James had been extended an offer by the company following her in-ring return at NXT TakeOver: Toronto a few weeks ago.

John Cena nervous to host “Saturday Night Live”

WWE has an interview up with John Cena where he talks about being nervous regarding his hosting duties for “Saturday Night Live” this Saturday night on NBC.

WWE signs new talent

Independent wrestlers Heidi Lovelace, Kimber Lee, Nixon Newell and Cheree Crowley (Evie) are all expected to be signing with WWE shortly and reporting to the Performance Center at the beginning of January according to a new report by PWInsider.com.


  1. something so hypocritical about Cena taking pops at the Rock then following in his footsteps. Good to see Mickie bag hopefully they’ll not attempt to humiliate her like before with Piggie James, if she’s a pig, Laycool were dogs

  2. Man. WWE raiding that WCPW roster again! First WCPW World Heavyweight Champion, and now the first WCPW Women’s Champion! Does that mean El Ligero is next?!

  3. I thought about that with Cena, too. But, I also remember that they’re reported as having sat down while they were working together, talked it all out, and really cleared the air. Chances are that the Rock changed John’s mind about some things, I figure, or at least helped him see things from a different perspective than he’d considered before.

  4. Maybe Rock is onto something, what with getting to spend time with his family and being the highest-paid actor in the world.

  5. Yeah but, going by Cena’s acting career so far, I don’t think he’ll have anywhere near the acting career The Rock has because Cena has nowhere near the acting ability The Rock has.

  6. Gotta give him time. The Rock’s honed his skills over a nearly fifteen-year career in Hollywood. He wasn’t all that great in those first few films. They drew well at the box office (except for Doom), but mostly because of name recognition for wrestling fans and the curiosity factor for everyone else.

    Cena has the kind of skill set that can translate to Hollywood success, too. It just needs to be refined. You can’t be the Sports Entertainer on the silver screen. It’s a lesson The Rock had to learn, and it’s one Cena will have to learn, too.

  7. Hopefully,her run will be way better than her first run (by that I mean how it ended as her feud with Lay Cool was terrible). As far as John Cena goes how can he be nervous performing on Saturday Night Live when he performs on a much larger audience in WWE?

  8. i’m not criticising Rock, I’m criticising Cena for publically slamming Rock for taking off and then doing exact same thing

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