Linda McMahon

ABC News has reported the following on Twitter.

Donald Trump intends to nominate Linda McMahon

We had reported a few weeks ago that McMahon was going to be under consideration for some kind of role in Trump’s new administration.


  1. Thats cool i guess considering for wwe being a multi billion dollar corporation its run in a weirdly small business kinda way.

  2. This is a joke right???? Since when is a multi billion dollar corporation considered a small business???

  3. Y’all do realize that the ‘E wasn’t always a global, multi-billion dollar organization, right?

    When Linda and Vince founded Titan Sports in 1980, it was a regional outfit in a sea of regional outfits–a small business among an entire industry of small businesses. She and Vince made it a global, multi-billion dollar industry, and it took nearly 20 to turn it into a publicly offered, worldwide organization.

  4. Business people running the country & career military men defending it in positions of power?
    Oh my God, President Trump truly is the anti-Christ downfall of civilization. Let’s impeach him now because Hillary & her Obomination leftover, bureaucrat butt buddies would do so much better. (:O
    Seriously though, congratulations Linda. Do us proud.

  5. It isn’t, but it didn’t start out as a multi-billion dollar corporation, Vince and Linda made it that when it was a small business at the start.

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