Former WWE star

Former WWE star given offer to return

Former WWE star Mickie James, who made a one-night return at NXT TakeOver: Toronto a few weeks ago against Asuka, has an offer on the table from WWE to make a return to the roster according to multiple wrestling media reports on Monday.

Names backstage at WWE RAW in Austin

The Undertaker was backstage at tonight’s 12/5 WWE RAW in Austin, Texas according to a report by Also backstage was Tamina Snuka.

Elimination Chamber update

It was reported earlier that WWE would be bringing back the Elimination Chamber PPV in 2017. is reporting the event will take place on February 12, 2017.


  1. If she goes to Raw, she’ll have to job weekly to Miss Flair. If she goes to Smackdown, it will will be to Mrs Cena.

  2. not really for both I doubt she will job to Nikki if she’s face mainly cuz Nikki gonna feud with Natalya soon and Charlotte too busy feuding with Sasha repetitively to the point u wanna rip ur eye sockets out but if she does go to RAW first she will probably feud with Emmalina

  3. I think she’d be better utilized and the fans would get more out of her involvement with the company long term, if she was in NXT to help teach the ladies there. Her and Asuka could show them a lot.

  4. The end of her match at Takeover was really bad, I mean she seemed to almost tap out a second before she was locked in properly. No fight to get out or anything. Just seemed weak.

  5. Mickie James is my all-time favorite lady wrestler and as much as I’d love to see her actively wrestle again; if they’re just going to job her out to nearly everyone they put in front of her, a la Chris Jericho, then… forget it. 🙁

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