WWE Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series expanding to four hours in November

The official Ticketmaster.com listing for the upcoming WWE Survivor Series PPV on November 20 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is now listing the show as beginning at 6:30 p.m. Eastern (5:30 CT), an hour earlier from the previously scheduled 7:30 start time. This means this year’s Survivor Series will be expanding to a four hour live show.

NXT taping TV at Smackdown Live in Ottawa

WWE has announced that an episode of NXT will be filmed at the upcoming Smackdown Live taping on November 22 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The taping will air the following night on the WWE Network coming off the latest NXT TakeOver: Toronto special.


  1. I remember when WrestleMania 32 was 4 hours and that WrestleMania was cringeworthy at best. Hopefully,Survivor Series 2016 won’t be terrible.

  2. The fans there wished it was only 4 hours. Including all the pre-game stuff, it ran for 7 hours! (:P And to call it cringeworthy is giving it a better compliment than it deserves. It outright sucked.
    Now with Survivor Series being the most neglected of WWE’s big 4 PPVs, I don’t see it being anything but terrible.

  3. I don’t see the need for ppvs to run for so long. I mean why do they need 4 hours that they can’t accomplish in 3?

  4. If they cut half the promo build up videos and pointless talking, they’d easily fit it in 3 hours…. but that won’t happen

  5. I remember the feeling I used to get from wrestling shows in the 90’s when they would pack the time slot with action and drama and still leave you excited about the next show. Now it’s such a long slog through so many hours of meaningless content just to get to anything memorable.

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