Austin Aries

Austin Aries suffers nasty injury to his eye at NXT live event

As noted in our live report, Austin Aries suffered a nasty injury to his left eye after taking a kick to the face from NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura at an NXT live event in Fresno on Wednesday night. A video of the incident can be viewed in our live report.

Aries posted a photo to Twitter below of the injury.

The Headbangers returning to Smackdown Live

Chaz Warrington of The Headbangers issued a tweet on Thursday morning revealing that The Headbangers would be appearing on next week’s Smackdown Live in Newark, New Jersey with a chance to quality for Smackdown’s Survivor Series tag team.

You can check out his tweet below.


  1. Just in time for Halloween.
    But seriously, Austin Aries was always one of my favorite TNA wrestlers. I hope he’ll be all right and that those WWE booking idiots have taken note of his perseverance.

  2. Damn, that’s brutal. Hope he’ll be alright. One of the most solid wrestlers in the business today. He needs to move to Smackdown or Raw.

  3. Well, whoever faces the Headbangers (I’m guessing American Alpha or the Usos) will qualify for Smackdown’s Survivor Series tag team.

  4. DAMN! Even if wrestling is fake (err…scripted) the injuries are legit. Also,yeah,The Headbangers are back (again)!

  5. “with a chance to quality for Smackdown’s Survivor Series tag team.”
    I believe the word meant to go here was qualify for the SD Survivor Series team

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