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Total Bellas viewership

Last night’s 10/26 episode of Total Bellas drew 630,000 viewers scoring a 0.31 rating among adults 18-49 according to This is up from last week’s show that drew 625,000 viewers, although the show drew a 0.32 rating in the 18-49 demo.

WWE Network among top streaming services is featuring an article about the top streaming services in the United States with the WWE Network coming in at No. 5 on the list.

The top 10 list is as follows:

1. Netflix
2. Amazon Video (Amazon Prime)
3. Hulu
5. WWE Network
6. Sling TV
7. HBO Now
8. Crunchyroll
9. Showtime
10. CBS All Access

Joey Styles on viewing WCW as the enemy

Nick Hausman passed along a recap of Joey Styles appearing on Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast where they discuss many in ECW viewing WCW as the enemy.

Eric Bischoff:┬áDid you have a perception of WCW as “the enemy” back when you were involved in ECW? Was that perception part of the effort or the architecture of Paul Heyman? Did he use WCW in your opinion? We’re good friends now and enough time has gone by. Heyman and I are cool with it. From your perception at that moment were we like “the Devil”?

Joey Styles: Both companies were considered “the Devil.” Especially because nobody knew at the end that WWE was actually an investor in ECW. People talked about raiding the ECW locker room. I’m sorry but if you’re getting paid $500 a night to work for ECW four or six times a month and Eric Bischoff and WCW offers you $500,000, yeah, you’re going to take that offer. I was in a position where I could turn away offers because of my job at News Corp got to be a pretty big deal. I wound up being the VP of sales. I was pretty young. I was 29. It wasn’t my living to be in wrestling. For those people that were I never saw them as sell outs for moving on. Maybe because I was a businessman but absolutely looking at you, WCW and the big companies that were looked at as the enemy was Paul motivating the locker room. The funny part is if you look at ECW everybody that deserved a chance to have a career on the big stage did. In the end you can consider these companies “the enemy” but a lot of people made a lot of money working for those two companies. Including myself.

Eric Bischoff: By the way, I don’t recall ever paying anyone who left ECW to come to WCW five hundred grand. Just for the record.


  1. Nobody knew WWE was actually an investor in ECW?? Seriously Joey?? So we were supposed to believe that Vince really allowed Jerry Lawler to constantly mention ECW during his Raw commentary, Tommy Dreamer & Sandman assaulting Savio Vega from ringside at In Your House & not getting arrested for it, and all those ECW guys “invading Raw” that one time (AND EVEN HAVING MATCHES DURING THE BROADCAST) was all stuff that legitimately happened in real life???
    Yep, they sure had everyone fooled. /:|

  2. Well, there’s a difference between a big guy shining a spotlight on a little guy, and most saw the ECW guys showing up on RAW as just that; it was billed as WWE giving ECW some promotion to hype up their shows – it was their first PPV, wasn’t it? Been twenty years, so the memory is a bit fuzzy. Plus, interpromotional deals aren’t exactly unheard of. Heck, the ECW thing was even years before Dan Sevren came to the ring with UFC and NWA Championships. But unbeknownst to almost everyone at the time was that WWE was bankrolling ECW. It wasn’t world-changing money, but it was significant enough to keep them going.

  3. Wait until Game of Thrones comes back on HBO will move somewhere in the Top5

    The only shows i really like on HBO
    (WestWorld & Game of Thrones) i would say Ballers but got bored of it befor the end of season 1

  4. Actually interpromotional deals with WWE are VERY rare because Vince very rarely even mentions other wrestling companies much less does interpromotional shows with them. To Vince WWE IS wrestling & wrestling is WWE. Other than that particular Raw, the only other times I remember WWF/E doing such a thing was when Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki had a WWF/IWGP interpromotional match way back in the early 80s and the final night of Nitro.
    But WWF/E would have us believe that Jerry Lawler took it upon himself to call out another promotion while on the air for Raw and Vince would just let him? Nah, I was in college at the time with a big group of friends who all watched wrestling and none of us bought that. Back then before the Internet was too big of a thing and ECW was only on local channels around the Philly area, the only way the rest of the country really heard of ECW was through the wrestling magazines and WWF/E’s obsession with ECW was puzzling. A lot of us figured at the time that WWF/E had some kind of side deal with ECW where they were secretly bank-rolling them and it ended up being true. We didn’t know why WWF/E was giving them free publicity & financial aid but when it was “revealed” that they were an ECW investor, it was no surprise at all.

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