James Ellsworth

James Ellsworth backstage at Smackdown

James Ellsworth is backstage at the Smackdown Live taping tonight in Green Bay according to a report by PWInsider.com. Ellsworth was not advertised for the show ahead of time after being featured the last two weeks.

Curtis Axel on WWE allegedly confiscating signs

Curtis Axel commented on Twitter about WWE allegedly confiscating Curtix Axel signs at RAW. You can check out his tweet below.


  1. Axel needs to leave that shitty company. Just like Cody Rhodes, WWE has been shitting on his legacy. They will most likely fire him anyhow, just for his mentioning of the confiscated signs. Which is so retarded. Fans should be able to support whomever they please. It would have been nice to see this guy pick up a win for a change also, considering he was in his hometown. He sure got a nice pop last night.

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