The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson developing wrestling comedy series is featuring an article about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Seven Bucks Production company and Will Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions teaming up for a wrestling comedy series project. Former WWE creative writer Brian Gewirtz is also attached to the project that will offer a “behind-the-scenes look at a fictional professional wrestling outfit.”

CTE found with Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten

The Boston Globe has an article up looking at Dr. Bennet Omalu discovering CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in former ECW and WWE star Balls Mahoney and early signs in former ECW star Axel Rotten. Both Mahoney and Rotten died at the age of 44.


  1. Is The Rock’s wrestling comedy series going to be like Learning the Ropes? That was a pretty good show. I’d definitely watch it if it is.

  2. True, but at the same time it was just the everyday nature of the business at their deceased’s peaks. Many strides have been taken in both environments to reduce this in future retirees. In the NFL almost to the point that it isn’t even the same spectacle that it was 10 years ago.

  3. I’m not saying that the NFL or WWE should “vaginize” themselves (to borrow a line from Concussion) but rather not deny CTE’s existence and take more steps to make their athletes more aware of long-term effects. The NFL denied it for years and it came back to bite them in the ass when all they could’ve done was been more forthcoming about concussion risks then provide better healthcare for its players past & present. They certainly make enough money to do that.
    As for WWE, like the late great Roddy Piper said, they’ll piss away $80 million for Linda McMahon’s 2 failed congressional campaigns and think nothing of it but the wrestlers still have no health insurance. Bret Hart also said once that the guy who sweeps the floors in Titan Tower has a better health insurance plan than the guys who bring in all the money for the company. Even now when WWE is somehow making record profits, the wrestlers are still on their own in providing their own healthcare. I’m sure it would cost a lot less than however much money Vince pissed away on Linda’s political campaigns or the XFL to give his wrestlers some kind of health coverage.

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