Terrance Jean-Jacques

To follow up on a report last night regarding WWE developmental talent Terrance Jean-Jacques getting arrested on Sunday for charges on assault and battery, kidnapping, witness intimidation, destruction of property and threatening to commit a crime, WWE issued a statement to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online announcing his suspension.

“We have zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Terrance Jean-Jacques has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

As reported earlier, the 24-year-old former University of Iowa wrestler is alleged to have hit his pregnant girlfriend (Jilian Gilman). He was described as being “on the verge of tears” as he stood before a judge on Wednesday. A judge denied a request for his release as he was scheduled to undergo surgery later this week.


  1. I think this is a good call and the suspension should be indefinite. I still believe in innocent until proven guilty unlike some people who want to see someone lose their livelihood over an accusation. If the accusation turns out to be true, then he will get what’s coming to him. If not, the company and the rest of us should let him pursue his career.

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