Paul Heyman on RAW

Paul Heyman backstage at RAW

Paul Heyman is backstage at RAW tonight according to a report by Heyman is expected to be involved in a segment featuring the return of Bill Goldberg where Goldberg will answer his challenge from last week.

Mick Foley and Direct Messages on Twitter

RAW General Manager Mick Foley will no longer be communicating with fans by direct message on Twitter. What prompted this decision was a fan who publicly posted private messages of a conversation he had with Foley that were meant to stay private.

Paige proposes to Alberto Del Rio

Last night in Puerto Rico, Paige asked Alberto Del Rio to marry her and he accepted. A clip of the proposal has hit YouTube that you can view below.


  1. lately, paige seems to be totally whacked out of her mind on something, but congratulations on the engagement (which won’t last past the end of the year, guaranteed).

  2. Completely agree. Del Rio already has kids with his current wife. He will either leave Paige also, or (more likely) Paige will leave him since Del Rio is already much older. Let’s face it, Paige will still be hot 5-10 years from now, but Del Rio not so much when he starts to push closer to 50. Paige lost her mind and has made an unwise decision that she’ll regret. I expect WWE to release her in the foreseeable future.

  3. If Alberto Del Rio’s still married why the hell would he date Paige (especially since he’s way older than her)? Also,it’s kinda nice that tradition can be switched around here and there (usually it’s the man that proposes to the woman so seeing things switched around was cool). However,as good as this moment was I thinks it’s safe to say her career in WWE won’t last long or if it does she’ll get buried.

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