Maria Kanellis

Former WWE and current TNA star Maria Kanellis made an appearance on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon last night discussing her time as a contestant on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” with current Presidential candidate Donald Trump back in 2010.

The segment focused on recent allegations against Trump the last week and why producer Mark Burnett had no plans to release tapes featuring comments from Trump on the show, comments that Kanellis said would reveal to the public what a “rash man” Trump in.

“He is a man that just speaks his mind, doesn’t think before he speaks. I have a mole on my shoulder and he’d say, ‘Oh, well, you should get that removed. It’s an imperfection.’ Or ‘you shouldn’t stand like that’ or ‘you’re looking pretty today.’ (He would) hang a little too long on those words and stare a little bit too long. Those are the things I think people would really see.”

You can check out a clip of the segment below including Kanellis finding a comment by Trump during her time on the show (with her involved) to be “very ironic.”