Mickie James

WWE announced Instagram on Thursday night that former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Mickie James would make her NXT debut on November 19 at the NXT TakeOver: Toronto special challenging Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship.

This will be James’ first WWE appearance since 2010. James made her WWE debut back in 2005 in a storyline with Trish Stratus. Following her release from WWE in 2010, James jumped to TNA where she stayed until 2013.

James made a brief return to TNA in 2015 in a storyline involving Magnus (her husband in real life). She then remained active on the independent scene and worked dates for Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion last summer.

You can check out the official WWE announcement below.


  1. All right! Welcome back, Mickie!! I just hope those WWE sh*tbags treat her with more respect this time.

  2. Do you have her beat Asuka? Cause not going to lie, asuka is one of the people making me love Womens wrestling atm.

    Im wondering if this is a one off like when Tyler Breeze faced mr liger.

  3. I am not sure if it’s long term or not. Either way, this match-up is super exciting and especially given Asukas dominance, having her face a proven veteran like Mickie is sure to give us a believable challenger

  4. I don’t see Mickie winning because I think this is a one night only deal, plus this has been done to give Asuka a legit opponent when she’s cleared out all the other legit talent in the division. Yes, there is potential elsewhere (Billie Kay and Ember Moon spring immediately to mind) but they either aren’t ready or are too new to the company to throw them into that position now.
    I also think that’s why they brought in Thea Trinidad (formerly known as Rosita) for one of the TV tapings they’ve been doing, though I could also see her actually signing a contract since she’s still somewhat active on the indys.

  5. As a biased fan, I hope they’re bringing back Mickie for one last good run since she’s my all-time favorite lady wrestler. It may be possible they’re bringing her back to be on NXT then to the main roster again like they did for Rhyno. Realistically though, this is probably a one night deal like Tre Zen here said. Only Mickie & her WWE contractors know for sure.
    If you’re worried that they may be phasing out Asuka, I wouldn’t worry. She’s gotten nothing but positive receptions from the fans and I’ve heard nothing negative about her from the WWE higher-ups. Vince is also trying at long last to make in-roads into the Japanese market where New Japan dominates which is why he’s talent raided a lot of their wrestlers. Continuing to give Asuka a proper push will also go a long way into achieving that.

  6. WHAT THE HELL?! And I mean that in a great way! I never thought Mickie James would return to WWE much less NXT. I believe Mickie’s there to put Asuka over.

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