Bret Hart apology

Bret Hart has posted a statement on Facebook issuing an apology to Michael Hayes and the Freebirds for comments he made in a recent interview with

During the interview, Hart took WWE to task on recent Hall of Fame inductees including the Freebirds saying they weren’t worth and “never drew any money.”

Hart also issued an apology to Triple H and Seth Rollins for comments he made in recent months and revealed he has quit doing podcasts because they, in his words, tend to be an “outlet for negativity” and left him having a reputation of being “angry and bitter.”

You can check out Hart’s full statement on Facebook below.


  1. I’ll give Bret Hart credit he was man enough to apologize and make some good points on The Freebirds doing great things in Texas against the Von Erics. Maybe now he’ll get his repetuation back in a positive light.

  2. In his apology, Bret also screwed up the names of the Freebirds. Ronnie Garvin was never a member of the Fabulous Freebirds and is not in the WWE Hall Of Fame. JIMMY Garvin, however, was a Freebird (He’s mentioned by Michael Hayes in his song “Freebird Road” The line that mentions him is “Sometimes Jimmy Jam came along”) and is in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  3. Good for you Bret. I’ve always been a fan but even I couldn’t back you on those harsh comments you made about The Freebirds…and um, it was Jimmy Garvin in that group, not Ron Garvin.
    Like I also said before, the Hall of Fame is an on-going process. You can’t put in everyone every year. I’m sure all those names you mentioned will all eventually get their day…like Jimmy Hart did in 2005. Just so you remember. 🙂

  4. Concussions are catching up to him. Plus , he had a reputation for being angry & bitter before he ever did a podcast.

  5. in other words he’s suddenly realised he might not get asked back anywhere to make more money.

    “left him having a reputation of being “angry and bitter.” never a truer word.

    i give his apology 4/10.

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