Hideo Itami

WWE has posted a new video to Twitter featuring NXT star Hideo Itami announcing that he recently suffered an injury and will no longer be part of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament as a result.

Itami, who just returned back from a lengthy injury absence this summer, was scheduled to team with Kota Ibushi in the upcoming tournament.

You can check out the video with Itami below courtesy of WWE.


  1. Never a good sign early in your WWE career to have two injuries keep you out because now he is going to get the “unreliable” card and the brass wont want to go fully invested in him.

  2. Damn! This guy only been back for a few months. I’m glad he’ll be back in time for NXT Japan but if he keeps getting injured his career won’t last long in NXT.

  3. Hopefully they’ll realise that this one is to do with a botch so bad by his opponent that anyone would’ve gotten hurt by it. Seriously, I’ve seen the clip, he got spiked during a powerslam of all moves

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