John Cena

WWE is expected to be forced to pull a series of new John Cena merchandise off the website in what was set to be a new line of shirts and other items for Cena during his return for the Memorial Day edition of RAW this Monday night. The new merchandise appeared to be inspired by beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Pabst Blue Ribbon issued the following tweet stating they have a “chokehold called a Cease and Desist” along with a middle finger. As of Saturday afternoon, is still advertising the merchandise for purchase.

You can view the tweet that Pabst Blue Ribbon issued below.


  1. doesnt that fall under parody, a form of speech protected by the First Amendment as a “distorted imitation” of an original work for the purpose of commenting on it.

    I dont know US copyright law but this seems to not seem to violate laws in my opinion

  2. looks like he’s just wearing his country’s colours, the fact any designs are similar should be irrelevant

  3. Except that WWE doesn’t feel that way when THEY feel they’re trademarks are being violated.

  4. Is that a middle finger at the end of Pabst’s tweet? That’s a little harsh! Stand up for your brand but don’t be dick’s about it.

  5. So we’re still getting the same John Cena we’ve had for the last 50 years??? boring!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry but after looking at both images i have to say that Pabst Blue Ribbon doesn’t have a case while the designs are similar the WWE is not out right copying them

  7. After looking at both images I have to say that Pabst Blue
    Ribbon has a case, the WWE is copying them

  8. I don’t know if the association is fair or not, but Pabst Blue Ribbon is often stereotyped as something that hicks and college kids drink to get drunk quickly and cheaply. I’d have thought they’d be delighted to now be linked with a (mostly) clean-cut role model for children around the world, and at the very least it’s publicity for their brand. This is a major own goal on their part, a bit like if Andy Murray started wearing the colours of Special Brew and they decided it was worse to be linked to one of the best tennis players in the world than to slurring homeless people getting shitfaced before most have even made it to work.

  9. well rip off yeah but it’s Cena who’s been wearing fruity colors for years now so why flip out about this??

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