WWE Smackdown moving to Tuesday night

Variety.com is featuring an exclusive article revealing that WWE Smackdown will be moving to Tuesday night on the USA Network with a live broadcast every week starting on July 19 from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00-9:00 p.m. CT). This will be the first time in the 17-year history of Smackdown on broadcast and cable television that the show will air live on a weekly basis.

The move, which now creates five hours of live WWE programming each week on the USA Network, was touted by President of Entertainment Networks at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Chris McCumber describing a “huge appetite” among viewers for live programming going forward in 2016.

WWE.com has also announced in conjunction with the move of Smackdown that there will be a split of the rosters with an impending superstar draft to once again have separate rosters for the RAW and Smackdown programs. This will be the first time that there will be separate rosters for RAW and Smackdown since 2011 when WWE quietly ended the brand extension that had been in place since 2002.

Vince McMahon is quoted in the article discussing how the move will leverage the talent roster and continues the unpredictable nature of live television.

“This move will undoubtedly build more excitement and deepen engagement with our fans around the world.”

WWE.com also released an official announcement of the roster split and move to Tuesday night starting this July.

WWE has posted video of Shane and Stephanie McMahon announcing the roster split and move of nights for Smackdown.


  1. oh no! how else am I going to see the events of raw over and over again in a 2 hour show that features nonstoryline essential matches?

    WHAT WILL I DO ?!?!?!?!?

  2. Sounds like they just want an outlet where they can put wrestlers who are sub par and not carrying their weight on Raw. Another belt will probably follow, yet again making a “Smackdown” World Champ that no one will deem as important as their “RAW” counterpart. I like that it will be live, but other than that, I can’t see making another brand extension.

  3. …I wonder if this new came faster then WWE were expecting. I would think thos would be an announcement for Raw not a video blog.

    Also with the MASSIVE influx of new talent this will allow them to make storyline for more of the roster.

  4. This could also be something to address the injury plague to give the wrestlers a day off or two during the week. I think it would be cool to split the IC and US titles on different shows, but still have the WWE title be on both shows. If you have it, you got to do both shows to earn it.

  5. I think Smackdown was the better show for much of it’s run during brand split. That doesn’t mean anything now, but I can only see it improve.

  6. I think this is a great move and could help cut down on the injuries. People only will need to work one show a week, and it will also help to establish characters and give a greater emphasis to the in ring product

  7. I don’t mind the brand split as long as they make all their titles defendable on both brands and don’t try to make Smackdown seem like the superior brand even though Raw has been around longer,has more episodes,and is a hour longer than Smackdown. So does this mean their new game will be called WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2K17? With TNA airing the same night as Smackdown this could be the Teusday Night Wars. I hope they don’t split the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in two again because World Heavyweight Title paled in comparison to the WWE Title and when they unified both titles as it gave us classic fans a sense of nostalgia.

  8. I thought that too. They are going to introduce a second belt at some point, and it will be for wrestlers on the lower tier to feud over. Once Cena and Orton come back, I’m sure they will be back on Raw again doing the same things they have done for 10 years. So everyone on Raw now, will never be seen there again

  9. All I’m asking is PLEASE don’t make two world titles again. In fact, no new titles whatsoever. Make the champions exempt from the draft and have the titles defended on both shows, with the only possible exception being the IC and US titles.

  10. I think they should have Cena on Smackdown. Not as any kind of punishment or relief for the Raw audience, either, quite the contrary. If they’re serious about making Smackdown important again, then Cena HAS to be one of the big name guys that goes there.

  11. Why not make the ic title the main title for raw and the us title the main title for smackdown and the world the tag and the womens be on both shows

  12. Thats what I think they will do. IC and US might get unified which would leave you with 4 champions who can appear on both. This would make it essentially useless to have a Night of Champions pay per view but I think it would go well

  13. I’m not against any of that, just was saying that I have a bad feeling they are going to bring the “World” title back. It would be nice if Smackdown would become the NXT showcase, but that will never happen.

  14. Move to Tuesday night hmmm also this seems to be an attempt to totally wipe TNA out of existence. very nasty Vince.

  15. I have to completely agree. Cena’s work with the younger talent in his “open challenge” matches, put their names on the map indefinitely. He even stepped up his game. Itd be great to see Cena put over the newer talent and the new Smackdown

  16. Wow this should be good but I hope they won’t split championships too and add new ones.

  17. Vinnie Mac has a low opinion of the cruiserweights because he just sees them as cannon fodder for the bigger wrestlers (and he also sees the cruiserweight division as a joke), so he’s not going to bring back the cruiserweight title.

  18. I’m missing DB (Daniel Bryan) Now, he is the one who desperately needs smackdown to be in a spotlight. i think he will be back in some point.

  19. I think the brand split is a bad idea. I never liked it when it started in 2002 either. It limits the amount of rivalries and storylines that can be done, as well as a feeling of isolation.

  20. For this split title needed are 2 tag team,IC title,World title,Wwe title,US title,Diva title back,womens title with cruise weight and hardcore title back means total of 8 single titles and 4 tag title(i.e. 2 world tag and 2 wwe tag).

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