Adam Rose given official release by WWE

WWE announced on Monday that they have officially released Adam Rose (Raymond Leppan) from his contract with the company after Rose requested his release. Rose had been with WWE since 2010 under his original persona down in FCW and NXT as Leo Kruger before being repackaged as Adam Rose in 2014.

Rose had been indefinitely suspended from WWE a couple weeks ago after his second violation of the Wellness Policy and for an arrest in Florida for felony tampering with a witness and a misdemeanor battery domestic violence against his wife. Rose is scheduled to appear in a Florida court in June for another hearing.

WWE issued the following statement in regards to Rose’s release from the company:

“WWE has granted Adam Rose’s request to be released, as of today, May 23, 2016. WWE wishes Rose the best in all his future endeavors.”


  1. And nothing of importance was lost that day (character wise). I hope TNA takes advantage of this as WWE’s loss is their gain. Also,I’m noticing a pattern here:when on gets injured another follows immediately,same goes for someone being released or requesting to be released.

  2. If TNA pick up Barrett, Sandow and Rhodes…now that would be money well spent…i’d probably pass on Adam rose though.

  3. I miss the early days of party guy Exotic Express Adam Rose. I thought that character was a lot of fun, but that character didn’t really catch on and he really floundered after it was over.

    A little sad to see him go, but given the accusations against him, it was expected.

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