Cody Rhodes issues lengthy statement

Cody Rhodes issued the following statement over on his official Twitter account discussing his departure from WWE this weekend, taking on the Stardust character and pitching to the WWE creative team to return to television as Cody Rhodes.

As reported earlier, WWE issued an official statement on Sunday afternoon confirming the release of Rhodes from the roster. Rhodes publicly stated on Saturday that he had requested his release from the company.


  1. Notice in his comment about who was trying to help him, one of the names he mentions is “Dave K”. That would be Dave Kapoor who is the overall “show runner” of PPVs, Raws, and Smackdowns, like an executive producer. So he is specially calling out the head writers only. But I think in the end, it doesn’t matter who Cody calls out, it’s about what Vince wants to do. And in this case, I don’t think Vince had anything for Cody right now.

  2. Once wrong with changing your mind a good professional wrestler will change a gimmick or whatever to keep interesting or manipulate the mob. No one’s knows shit about anything especially writers for wwe and Vince has list it like AL .in Davis and that’s the stone cold truth!!

  3. could you imagine if cody said . it on his last match on raw and did a shoot on the mic regarding what he said above. that would have put him over big time. it would have been a cm punk pipe bomb type of moment.

  4. It’s really sad that WWE couldn’t find anything to do or even give good storylines to guys like Cody, Sandow and Barrett and they’re all gone now. These guys were able to get over on their own regardless of their gimmicks and yet for some reason WWE clearly didn’t want to capitalize on them like no matter what you do we won’t push you!
    Yet, we see guys like the Paradise guys, Fandango, Breeze, Young featured on TV more although without good storylines but at least they’re being featured. How hot was Cody was during his masked gimmick or his teaming up with Goldust against the Authority? How hot was Barrett during his Bad News Barrett gimmick? And Sandow was crazy hot as Miz sidekick. I don’t know what else you need to do if you’re a WWE superstar and you see fans reactions towards you and then see your employer just ignoring it.

  5. And it would never have aired. You do understand that CM Punk’s stuff was all cleared to air?

  6. And they DEFINITELY would have… And security would have tossed his ass out. And he would have been fired and likely forfeited a ton of money on his contract in the meantime.

  7. The second he went off schedule and addressed the crowd, they would have done exactly that and sent a stooge in with their entrance theme

  8. I don’t disagree, but it would’ve been obvious what they’d done as compared to just not broadcasting it which would still have gotten out to lots of people, but not as many.

  9. hell if Cody wanted to revert back to being his former self then creative should have let him that’s what i don’t get about creative or Vince do they realize that talent shouldn’t be indispensable Vince did Punk wrong and he left Ryback had an opinion and he hasn’t been on WWE programming in weeks and probably gonna be released soon as well they too busy with pushing the NXT brand on the MR that they don’t care about what anyone wants

  10. that’s the .in problem it shouldn’t be about Vince ALL the time whether he runs the company or not

  11. Truth of the matter is that Cody has never been particularly ‘over’. Not in his ‘earlier WWE years’ as part of several tag teams, nor after that with the mask or when he teamed with Sandow. At most a midcart guy, very useful and he had a run with the intercontinental title. But where he got the idea he was WWE champ material is beyond me.
    Talented guy, likeable and great pedigree, but simply not the total package to make it to the top of the cart.

    Respect that he chooses not to just pick up a good paycheck, but he overestimates himself if he really beleaves he should be fighting for the top spot.

  12. I’m not saying it should be about Vince all the time. I am just stating facts. It doesn’t matter who the hell Cody talks to. You can talk to everyone in that locker room from the camera guy to a creative writer, if Vince doesn’t care, he doesn’t care. I’m not saying it’s right. But it’s just what it is.

  13. A) If he didn’t have a promo scheduled in the first place then who’s to say that a mic would have even been turned on for him in the first place? B) Live tv does have at least a few seconds worth of a delay which would limit how much he could get across prior to having the mic turned off even if he were able to get one turned on in the first place.

  14. Well done, you made a snarky comment. Problem is, yes obviously I know what live TV means. Do you know what production means? It means that they can cut away or change the show at the drop of a hat. Still, there you go, you had your little moment and it lasted fractionally longer than any unscripted “pipebomb” would.

  15. Doesn’t matter how obvious or not – it still wouldn’t air and would shut a door for Cody for quite some time.

  16. The comments wouldn’t have aired, but his attempt to make them would have, though I agree with the rest of what you’re saying.

  17. you must be remembering a different Cody to me, cos as i recall it when he came back and was handing paper bags out to the audience he was massively popular, and Stardust has been one of the most over characters i’ve ever seen. Aside from that, he has the looks, the talent and it one of the best for mic/promo work. he’s massively more suitable for the title than some that have held it.

  18. um not quiet i don’t think you know how a live feed works it’s not on a delay when the satilite feeds goes out to transmisson it’s onley delayed caused by the transmission itself to the broadcast station it’s called a delay because a live feed isn’t direct it has to go througha series of transmission feeds before it reaches your tv.

  19. Thank you for explaining the technicalities of what everyone already knows. Well done. Round of applause…

    Captain bloody obvious! So what? I don’t think you understand quite how quickly they can cut away or interrupt. Idiot!

  20. obv you didnt idiot because i had to explain to you why when you implied as if it was on the delay because of the wwe’s doing. lol

  21. Wow, you don’t get sarcasm do you?

    So where did I imply a delay? I think all live events should have a 5 second delay, but I know that Raw (and PPVs) don’t.


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