WWE announces the release of Cody Rhodes

WWE issued the following statement on Sunday afternoon.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Cody Rhodes as of today, May 22, 2016. WWE wishes Rhodes the best in all his future endeavors.”

This comes one day after Cody Rhodes issued a series of tweets announcing that he requested his release from the company on Saturday. Rhodes, who had been playing the Stardust character on WWE television in recent years, issued a new tweet just a few hours ago saying he plans to provide more answers about parting ways with WWE.


  1. What the hell WWE? You release one of your best workers after suffering one of your worst years with injuries on your talent. Just because you have no plans that involve Goldie or Dusty you just throw him to the curb!?!

    WWE, you really need to release the moron who is in charge of creative right now…

    Oh wait… you can’t!!!

  2. He requested his release, WWE was nice enough to accept.
    Any story about cody being unhappy with creative and his current gimmick is false.

  3. There is many reasons why he could of, nagging injury, a break from traveling, starting a family, trying new things , etc.

  4. Yeah I am a wwe fangirl but this is still a bitter pill to swallow. Cody Rhodes was a great worker and I wish he could have done more or evolved past Stardust. I think he will do fine and with his love of gaming i could see him working in the gaming industry in SOME capacity. I wish him the best in future endeavors but he wilp be fine .

  5. Why Vince would you say something is false when only Cody can confirm the behind the scenes feeling and reasoning for his release request – then because you post something that you claim to know which you couldn’t unless Cody confirmed it in an interview, right after your post he post’s a tweet confirming he had issues with creative and his character making your assertion look foolish? IMO – Better to remain quiet about something than state something as fact when you know more will come out on the issue soon enough!

  6. Just thinking it decreases your odds of being taking seriously in future posts by making such statements that you could in know way know to be true when Cody himself hadn’t even commented yet!

  7. Just going by the tweet as most of the speculations on the news sites have been about creative.

    “All the reports I’ve seen are 100% false & just speculation.
    Hope to provide answers by this evening.
    2:40 PM – 22 May 2016”

  8. He requested his release after WWE creative rejected his idea on how to change him back to Cody Rhodes only because it was Cody’s idea and not theirs. I would be upset too if the people I worked for refused to acknowledge any sane ideas that were not theirs to begin with and refuse to work and allow me to express my creativity. If you don’t want to believe it then keep living in your bubble where the McMahon family is never wrong and every idea they have is worth a billion dollars.

  9. Haha, Cody said what he was reading was false and I didn’t see anything on any site that said he was unhappy with creative until posts today but instead other rumors that I’m thinking he was referring to but again, you’re on here often and must know that it’s better to wait before saying something is absolute as it’s not just me that commented on it after your absolute statement – either way, happy Sunday!

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