Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes, who has been playing the Stardust character in WWE in recent years, issued the following tweets confirming that he requested his release from WWE on Saturday. These are the only comments he has issued so far.

Rhodes also retweeted the mentions over on his official @StardustWWE Twitter account as well. WWE has yet to comment on Rhodes as of Saturday afternoon.


  1. So long Space Cowboy,you’ll be missed. In all seriousness it’s a shame that Cody Rhodes didn’t get a WWE World Heavyweight Championship push.

  2. So does this confirm he is Giantbomb’s newest hire? Someone needs to put dirty Dan Ryckert in his filthy place.

  3. He was great when he was wrestling as “Cody Rhodes”, back when he was the IC champ. He’s probably fed up with the stupid Stardust gimmick, and the fact that he has been pushed way down the ladder. I’m sure he can’t be too happy with all these NXT guys being placed above him also. After Dusty died, he should have come back as Cody Rhodes & been given another push. At this point though, he probably figures that the company doesn’t really have plans for him, in which case, you can’t blame him for wanting out.

  4. Nooooo!! Cody was awesome. Whatever role or gimmick he played, he perfected it!! And he knew how to wrestle!

    Gonna miss Cody

  5. Next stop for Cody – possibly TNA, ROH or Japan (or maybe he might do like his dad did and become an NWA fixture, who knows?).

  6. he was greatly misused imo and it’s prob the reason why he is asking for his release. i don’t blame him. i mean i can’t even remember the last time he was in the main event on a ppv or raw for that matter, let alone in a worlds title match. meanwhile you have guys like regins and rollins who have been there not nearly as long as cody has and they went on to main event ppv’s and win world titles.

  7. with what money? tna can barely pay the wrestlers they have now. going to njpw would be a good move for him.

  8. If it’s accurate, various sources online put Cody’s net worth at roughly 2.5-3.0 million and his salary at 600,000 this year. So, it’s quite a bit of money to give up each year BUT he certainly should be fine whether he goes to work elsewhere, launches a new business or quietly retires. On the other side, it took him 10 years to accumalate that net worth and where WWE doesn’t seem to be using him correctly, it could take another 10 to double it and if it’s not happy, he perhaps feels he is financial okay to walk away – kudos to him for being in a situation where that’s possible – it’s also possibly with his Father passing away, and being on the road so much, he just may want to take a break and be with family 🙂

  9. Wow, that sucks. He was awesome as Stardust. I like how he doesn’t break character even though he’s not on the show. Great talent that will be missed. Maybe a feud with that Bullet Club in Japan?

  10. 🙁
    gonna be none of my faves left at this rate. can’t balme him though, as w/ so many others he was massively over and they wouldn’t let him do anything w/ it. such a shame.

  11. i would disagree, he seemed to love and embrace the character, the stuff he did gatecrashing the comic con Arrow show, eg, displayed nothing of a guy that resented his character.

  12. maybe so, but EVERY wrestler is a “character”. do you not think that an undead, wizard-like, “evil” character such as the undertaker is embarrassing? how about his “demon” brother kane, and paul bearer, and that whole ridiculous storyline? hey, don’t get me wrong, i find it entertaining and amusing, but there is quite a bit of embarrassment to it as well. anyway, cody did the absolute best he could with what they gave him to work with, and i admire and respect him for that. read the tweet he just put out as to why he left, it’s quite sobering and impressive.

  13. His Fathers passing away weighing on him still was my main thought of why he wants to step away since he seemed to be enjoying his gimmick.

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