WKMT-TV is featuring an interview with¬†Kentucky’s new head of boxing and wrestling commission Chad Miller where he talks about wanting to repair the state’s relationship with WWE.¬†WWE has barely ran any live events in the state in recent years due to the prior commission’s strict rules and regulations.

“That’s the elephant in the room right now. We have to evaluate the current policies and regulations in place and make a fair decision. I can tell you my goal is to generate as much revenue for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as I can. If you say the WWE, UFC and Impact Wrestling are not a part of that, you’re fooling yourself. I had an opportunity last night to speak with four local promoters after our meeting. I asked them “If I could change one thing for you as a wrestling promoter, what would you want it to be?” I had a very long and lengthy conversation with one gentleman and he said “I want Wrestlemania here.” That’s a big step for us, I’m not saying I’ll be able to get it done tomorrow, but it’s a goal that we’re striving for. We have world class venues. If you look at Rupp Arena, the Yum! Center, Pikeville has a phenomenal setup for a live television show, the Corbin Arena, the Northern Kentucky Civic Center, you’ve got Western Kentucky in Bowling Green, Paducah has venues, Richmond has Eastern Kentucky University, there’s so many great venues. We would love to have the WWE come in here and host them, but also we want our local promoters to reach that level as well. We want to start by bringing in those bigger tickets. It rejuvenates the sport. That is our ultimate goal. We want to have something home-grown, but we also want to show our state off to the world.”



  1. So what are the specific regulations that keep WWE away? He also mentioned UFC, are there not many MMA/boxing events in Kentucky?

  2. some of the regulations are for example high taxes to perform in a city
    or state, guidelines on what they can and cannot do and other items. for
    example, in the State of Missouri, Any wrestler that has contracted any
    form of hepatitis cannot perform in the state as they have the fear of
    contracting it, which some forms are mainly and STD form and the others
    can only be transferred via blood from the infected going into a wound
    of another. so Sean Waltman (XPAC) has Hepatitis and is therefore not
    allowed to wrestle in the state for fear that if he spills blood and his
    opponent or any wrestler after that performs has an open wound, they
    fear that they can become infected. This is what happened to Canadian
    Wrestler Devon Nicholson (aka Hannibal) when he wrestled Abdullah the
    Butcher who had hepatitis and infected Devon with it. Difference was
    Abdullah had not divulged his condition and as such Canadian Courts
    found in favor of Devon as the match happened in Ontario and awarded
    Devon 2.3 million Canadian Dollars.

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