AJ Styles

WWE star AJ Styles issued the following tweet on Saturday apologizing for missing weekend WWE live events in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Styles, who was scheduled to wrestle at live events in Greenville on Friday, Raleigh on Saturday and Sunday in Columbia, revealed he suffered an ankle injury.

WWE pulled Styles from the events to rest up for his Extreme Rules main event against Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an Extreme Rules match. He noted he would be at RAW this Monday night in Greensboro as expected.


  1. Yeah it only took pretty much their entire wrestlemania card being changed due to injuries for them to realize.

  2. I wish AJ Styles can get a decent push in WWE. If not the WWE World Heavyweight Championship they should at least give a Intercotinetal or U.S. Championship push.

  3. Glad to hear it was a minor injury, hopefully it is just a sore ankle and nothing worse. I still wish he could have made an appearance at the show just to please fans even if as a run-in, but hopefully he’ll win the title at Extreme Rules! If not he needs an IC or US title run…..

  4. They have him in a decent programme with Reigns, their “top guy” (ugh). I consider that a push!

  5. It will probably come, he’s a fairly new guy in WWE pushed to main event status right away, first feuding with Y2J and then straight into the main event.

  6. Is it a push or is it to try and make Reigns look more legit? Styles has proven he could get a 5 star match out of a mop.

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