Damien Sandow talks about his release from WWE

Aaron Oster of Rolling Stone is featuring a lengthy interview with Damien Sandow talking about his release from WWE last week and why he was grateful for his time.

“First of all, I know a lot of people within the wrestling community were a little surprised. With me, I was more grateful for my time there. Looking back, I had a great four years there. The truth of it is, as a performer, the goal is to get the audience to feel something, to evoke some kind of emotion. In the WWE, from the second I debuted, there was an extreme feeling of dislike towards me. They really did not like me from the second I came on. Which was huge. A lot of guys spend years and years trying to get that kind of a reaction. They gave me the platform to do that character. Then, as time went on, especially with the Mizdow thing, the fans went from hating me to loving me. The crowd invested as me as a person. I never thought that I’d get that level of popularity as far as being cheered. As a performer, in that genre, the only thing we can ask for is fan response, especially genuine fan response. It’s the most satisfying thing. In reviewing my WWE career, which I did instantly when the call came, I was just grateful, and excited for the future.”

Sandow also revealed in the interview that he wasn’t surprised about WWE releasing him and why he had conversations with officials about how he had done just about everything he could do with his character.

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

Rolling Stone:┬áDamien Sandow on Life After WWE and His ‘Thank You’ Tour


  1. Still want to know what he did or who he pissed off to always get buried when he was always pretty over with heel and face character.

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