AJ Styles

AJ Styles has been pulled from upcoming WWE live events this weekend to rest up according to multiple wrestling media reports on Thursday. Styles, who didn’t wrestle at the Smackdown taping this week in Des Moines, was scheduled to wrestle in Greenville on Friday, Raleigh on Saturday and Sunday in Columbia.

Styles is expected to make an appearance at the RAW taping next Monday night in Greensboro to hype his main event match with Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on May 22 in New Jersey. He had been experiencing back problems before signing with WWE, although it isn’t known if that is the issue now.

Sources: PWInsider.com, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. Please don’t let this be like Night of Champions 2015 (the worst PPV of 2015)! The last thing we need is for another great superstar to get injured to the point of retiring.

  2. He’s been busting his ass for 15+ years no wonder he has back problems. WWE should have got him in 2002 when he was on Jakked or Metal or whatever it was. They pick people up at the end of their careers and then get disappointed. (I.e. Samoa Joe, Aries, James Storm for one match) hopefully they can get Bobby Roode in before he is too old.

  3. Was at the Greenville show last night, overall great show but very disappointed that AJ Styles was pulled because I was looking forward to seeing him in the main event. I am a fan of Styles and hope this doesn’t turn into another Shawn Michael’s angle that he injures himself and is forced to retire! He has been nonstop since his TNA days right into NJPW/ROH and now WWE, with no time to rest, hopefully he is ready for Extreme Rules and this was just a glitch?

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