Brooklyn Brawler

Steve Lombardi, who is best known for his role as The Brooklyn Brawler, was among the cuts by WWE last week according to multiple wrestling media reports this week. WWE did not publicly acknowledge the release of Lombardi and attempts to contact the company about it were not returned. Lombardi, who was signed with WWE for over 30 years, was largely used as an enhancement talent for the company working with new talent and spent a brief period as the Doink the Clown character in the early 90s when the company ran an angle with multiple Doink characters. He would later go on to work behind the scenes with WWE as a producer, a role he had up until now.

Another star released from his talent contract with WWE was Christian (Jay Reso) according to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. Christian, who quietly retired from wrestling over a year ago after battling a series of concussions, remains under a deal with WWE to take part in “The Edge & Christian Show” series on the WWE Network.



  1. Under the Ultimate Warrior’s REAL idea for the HOF Warrior award, he should’ve been the first guy in. Except WWE doesn’t give a sh*t about the backstage workers who really make the company go.

  2. christian is still under a network contract

    his (active performer’s contract was terminated)
    (aka wrestler contract) because of his bad luck with concussions

    all the people that wwe realised is either shit at entertainment or hast’nt been on wwe live shows in ages

  3. so are there any wrestlers left now? between releases, suspendees and people on sick leave i think there must be 4 people left on the active roster ffs.

  4. the only way to be in the hof is u cant be under a wwe contract or be an active wrestler so he probably will be inducted next year depending on what he does from now till then

  5. so far every superstar wwe released is good for business & money choices

    Santino Marella he retired from being a wrestler last year so RELEASED

    hornswaggle & el torito the only 2 small wrestlers in the compyne they can’t do anything with them because of their size so RELEASED

    brooklyn brawler thought he was RELEASED ages ago

    Camaron is a shit diva boring fighter & im glad wwe RELEASED her

    Damien Sandow didn’t had a good gimmick working for him so since they couldn’t find a gimmick that actually worked they decided to RELEASE him

    BNB wade barrett decided not to re-sign his contract last year & left the company on his own free will

    Zeb Colter good wwe RELEASED him he’s like the donald trump of managers

    Alex Riley shit at being a commentator on NXT so RELEASED

    probably next is adam rose since wwe suspended him indefinitely


  6. vince mcmahon had a interview talking about injured & sick wrestlers but confirmed that
    seth rollins
    bray wyatt
    randy orton
    will be back either this month or next month
    we already know john cena will return this month so i didn’t put him up there

    he also said in the next 30 days wwe will have the biggest roster they ever had

  7. There is no set criteria to be a WWE Hall of Famer other than Vince himself approving of their induction and also probably some calculating as to how much of an audience they can draw as an individual and as a class.

  8. both retired plus they only put sting in the HOF because it would be stupid not to & i don’t know why they inducted michael hayes in the HOF if he’s the one who tried to sue wwe for past events for his injuries but have u seen sting or michael hayes since WM32

  9. he was inducted in the the HOF as a four horsemen member not separate i think thats their new tradition induct a team each year this year was the Fabulous Freebirds

  10. wwe needed him to retire as a fighter not a loser so they had him compete in career threatening matches from november to march 29 HOF 2008 then had him have his last match at WM24 against HBK
    wwe had him fight & win against

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