Adam Rose appears before Florida court

WWE star Adam Rose (Raymond Leppan) appeared before a Florida court on Thursday morning after being held in custody since his arrest on Wednesday morning where he was booked on alleged charges of tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence with his wife.

A police report revealed that Rose was arrested after “smacking the phone away” from his wife when she placed a phone call to 911 after he allegedly grabbed her face during an argument. “Marital problems” was among the things listed as part of the police report this past Wednesday.

According to a report by TMZ, a judge had planned to place a restraining order against Rose on Thursday, preventing him from any contact with his wife. However, Rose’s wife “begged the court to reconsider” stating they have a special needs child that needs both parents. A lawyer for Rose argued his actions were “not aggressive or painful” and instead “more of a passionate, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this.” The judge revealed a previous domestic violence incident back in March and expressed a concern over a pattern of abusive behavior. Despite the example, the judge held off on the restraining order and set a low bond of $1,000. Rose is expected to be released from custody by the end of the day on Thursday. He’s been ordered to seek counseling once a week until his next court date in June and remains suspended from WWE indefinitely.


  1. “They have a special needs child that needs both parents”. Ok,I guess the word “relatives” is a foreign word to her. What I mean is she could have one of her relatives to pitch in and help her out with the child.

  2. I’m fairly sure that she herself has more of an idea of the care her child needs and who can provide it.

    I’m also certain that this would be a stressful experience for any child, much less one who has special requirements. He is the child’s father, at the end of the day.

  3. and i am sure he will be future endeavored now, he had potential at first but things soured, he can go to tna they are based in florida

  4. Sorry, but WWE is so paranoid about alienating females, that this kind of thing is like three strikes in one. Just don’t end up in TNA, do yourself a favor and go to Japan or ROH and get better.

  5. you must have little to no idea on dealing with special need children. most require a very strict routine in people, places, and activities. the child at the very least would notice his fathers absence and be very agitated at this. this occurs in children without needs that are special. fact is simple and regardless of the coverage about it, we know nothing of the events or situation between them. as a adult with adhd and a autistic child, i can tell you that it’s frustrating on both matters.

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