Adam Rose

WWE issued a statement just moments ago announcing that Adam Rose (Raymond Leppan) has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest on Wednesday morning.

Leppan was taken into custody by police in Hillsborough County in Tampa, Florida and booked on alleged charges of tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence. He remains in custody without bond.

WWE issued the following statement.

“WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Raymond Leppan has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”


  1. I would have terminated him immediately. It sounds like he already admitted his guilt.

  2. Zero tolerance policy to domestic abuse? Steve Austin is getting a lot of zero tolerance podcast and Wrestlemania paychecks then.

  3. Has a convicted rapist inducted into the Hall of Fame, allows multiple superstars to stay in the company after arrests for DUI’s (Cameron most recently) and drug possession (Jack Swagger most recently), claims zero tolerance policy for all manner of illegal conduct…

  4. If only he debuted as Leo Kruger on the main roster. None of this crap would have happened!

  5. I realize it’s a moot point because by saying they have a zero tolerance that would indicate past or current behaviour but the Austin situation was long before they announced they have zero tolerance. I think they should have had zero tolerance for it then but again, this is a current / present day thing and a lot to do with being PG it seems where they weren’t PG then. They also seem to have a bit more tolerance if it’s a star of that size. Plus, Austin isn’t on the active roster now and again, it was in his past before WWE started announcing their polices so a lot of better examples of them going against their announced policies than Austin 🙂

  6. Zero Tolerance does not mean “past or current behaviour” would fall under the rule, it’s a specific term that actually means all infractions of a rule will result in punishment and authority figures can’t make concessions based on situational issues. Past behavior would not fall under the rule per se, unless the rule was written to state nobody with history of X could do Y. However, legally, retroactive rules are hard to enforce and tend to be a nightmare to deal with. As a legal professional I feel qualified to say zero tolerance is dubiously effective if not absurd, and I’ve no doubt the WWE has continued to apply it in the same manner.

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