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On Tuesday, WWE released their earnings report for the first quarter of 2016 including a look at the current happenings of the WWE Network.

Some highlights of the report include the following:

* The WWE Network had an average of 1.29 million paid subscribers in Q1 2016, a 39 percent increase from Q1 2015.

* WWE Network reached a record 1.82 million total subscribers on April 4, 2016 (the day after WrestleMania 32).

* WWE Network reached a total of 1.47 million at the end of Q1 2016 (April 30, 2016).

* WWE Network has recently debuted Camp WWE on the Network and shows such as the second season of Swerved and Holy Foley will debut on the Network in the summer.

* Revenue for the Network increased 34 percent from Q1 2015.

* They note that they are continuing to work on launching the Network in China.

* WWE Network had 360,000 total international subscribers as of April 30, 2016 and 434,000 as of April 4, 2016 (the day after WrestleMania 32).

* WWE Network is expected to add more than 300 hours of original content and more than 1,500 hours of VOD content by the end of 2016, totaling near 6,000 hours of content on the Network by the end of 2016.

You can read the full earnings report by clicking here.

Source: Corporate.WWE.com


  1. As someone living in the UK, I took out the network for a month. Enjoyed a lot if it (mostly anything NXT or PPV), but do Americans get full RAW and Smackdown episodes? If so, that cheeses me off a bit because we don’t but due to currency conversion we pay more,

  2. We get them about a month or so After they air live. Did you check in the “vault” section.

  3. So after an episode of Raw airs live it will come on the WWE network a month later. This is due to existing deals with both the USA network and Hulu.

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