John Cena gives an update on his recovery

John Cena gives an update on his recovery on “TODAY”

WWE star John Cena provided an update on his recovery this morning on NBC during the “TODAY” show where revealed he had been going to physical therapy up to three times a day in preparation for his return coming up on the “Memorial Day” edition of WWE RAW on May 30 from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

WWE discounts Ryback merchandise

All merchandise being listed for Ryback over on is currently being listed with discounts. This comes a week after he confirmed reports that he asked to be removed from WWE television as he continues contract negotiations with the company.

WWEShop: Ryback

Cameron on her WWE release

Cameron (Ariane Andrew) has issued a lengthy statement regarding her release from WWE last Friday in a tweet issued on Monday afternoon.

She took time to thank everyone in WWE and noted she started making plans when she could tell her time with the company was ending.

“When I began to realize that my time in WWE was winding down I invested in myself and other projects outside of professional wrestling. I can say that I am in a good place both mentally and financially.”


  1. Why is Cena in the news every week about his recovery/return yet I have not seen ONE report on what injury Luke Harper even has. It’s leg related. That’s all I al from what was initially show. Nothing else is known

  2. Probably because the Luke Harper character is a cult swamp man and doesnt do many interviews .

  3. Lol cult swamp man… But ignoring that fact, WWE would know what injury he has and how long he’s out for. Just weird we haven’t heard anything

  4. Ah this is good to hear. I was wondering how he was doing with his rehab since I hadn’t heard anything about it in like… A whole week. It really makes up for him not being on RAW all the time to tell us about why he loves the WWE Universe, this having him show up in the news every few days talking about his f’n injury again like everyone is as obsessed with him as Vince seems to be.

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