Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett and Cameron all issued the following tweets following the news that broke on Friday of their releases from WWE this week. Cameron intends on issuing a bigger statement at a later time.


  1. Aw,man it’s 2011 all over again (and 2014 for that matter)! If you don’t know what I mean in 2011 (and 2014) WWE released a few of their superstars that year.

  2. Sandow should’ve been upper midcard talent, might be relieved now he’s not putting everyone over

  3. I keep wondering what did he do to go from upper mid-card to nothing so fast. The crowd always loved him, but someone backstage must have had it in for him. Even at the recent battle royal he got a huge pop.

  4. I wonder if a part of it was HE wanted to be released. The guy is talented amd now he is free to flourish in other environments like NJPW, ROH or AAA.

  5. Exactly. I loved the guy and he’s super talented on both the wrestling and the entertainment side, but for a guy who always ignites the crowd (by that I mean he always get s a big pop), why was he buried? Never heard tale of it, but every time he reinvented himself, the crowd was behind it. I think it goes back to them not letting him cash in MITB and it seems like they have been holding him back from that point on.

  6. simple my guess is because he was getting bigger pops then both John Cena and Roman Reigns

  7. I thought Santino was de-listed years ago. Maybe Sandow had to go because he outshone the Miz.

  8. It’s too bad about Wade Barrett. He was a major player when he first came into the WWE, when he was leading the Nexus and feuding with Cena. He was getting massive pops when they would do shows in the UK, even as a heel. His injuries didn’t exactly help him retain that top spot though. Hopefully he makes an appearance sometimes down the road, maybe at a UK show!

  9. Barrett was leaving anyway so its pretty disrespectful for him to be lumped in with releases like this, and who knew Santino was still with WWE? I thought he retired from neck injuries? As for Sandow he was way too good for the treatment he got, he must feel like a man being released from jail lol

  10. Barrett and Sandow got the WCW treatment, ironically. They were getting over despite the intentions of the company, but unlike Daniel Bryan or Cesaro, the support didn’t galvanize conveniently enough.

  11. They do it almost every year but it’s usually just enhancement guys, NXT stars, and non-in ring performers.

  12. I hope Barrett flourish as an actor and then come back to wrestling for another run and win the wwe title. 🙁

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