Wade Barrett

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett (Stu Sanders) announced the following on Twitter on Friday, announcing that he and the company have mutually agreed to part ways from his contract, that was set to expire this summer:

Barrett had been with the company since 2006 when he signed a developmental deal.

Also released on Friday was Damien Sandow (Aaron Haddad), ending his second tenure with the company. Sandow had been with the company in the mid-2000s as Aaron Stevens in a tag-team on Smackdown with KC James, but was released in 2007. Sandow was then re-hired by the company and re-christened himself Damien Sandow in FCW, leading to be called up by the company in 2012.

Previously announced releases by WWE include Santino Marella, El Torito, Cameron, Alex Riley, Zeb Colter and Hornswoogle.


  1. you just knew something like all these releases would happen after bringing in, and up from nxt, a truckload of new talent within the past month.

  2. Cameron… saw that coming when she mouthed off in support of Ryback. Kinda hope he’s next.

  3. God speed Mr. Barrett & Mr. Sandow. Hopefully you’ll be better appreciated elsewhere. As for everyone else, eh.

  4. Barrett and Sandow were never booked right. They have talents in the ring and on the mic…
    While people like Reigns who can’t cut a proper promo is forced to become the champ.
    Sometimes I really don’t know wtf is with WWE

  5. I liked Zeb, not enough managers. But economy is still in the toilet so cuts must be made to keep up profit margins.

  6. Reigns looks like he is reading off of a queue card. I can see Styles taking it, at least he can speak into a mic.

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