Adam Rose

Adam Rose okay with whatever WWE decides

After pulling his tweet from earlier this week featuring a note from his doctor revealing he was prescribed Adderall to treat ADHD, Adam Rose has now added the note again and once again stated that WWE was aware he was prescribed the medication for over a year following his recent 60 day suspension. Rose added in another tweet that he was okay with whatever WWE decides going forward.

Another WWE star injured

Naomi announced she is currently out rehabbing a torn tendon.

Cameron issues statement about support of Ryback

We noted in a report earlier this week on Tuesday that WWE star Cameron (Ariane Andrew) issued a tweet replying to Ryback’s statement about his current contract dispute with WWE and showing support by adding, “amen brother!” Cameron has now issued a lengthy statement clarifying her support.

“Regardless of whether I agree with his feelings or not, I applaud Ryback for standing up for himself and openly speaking his mind. If you don’t value yourself and believe in yourself there is no reason for anybody else to.”


  1. Surely Ryback is happy he has the support of such an acclaimed and respected grappler, who once tried to pin her opponent while she was laying on her tummy

  2. Ryback, Cameron, Rose are all expendable athletes as far as both WWE and the fans are concerned at this point. Cameron sadly was just never that good to begin with, Ryback is nothing but an overpowered botch maniac who literally has zero effect out there, and Rose, should just face the possibility of life after WWE.

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