Adam Rose posts doctors note

WWE star Adam Rose, who issued a statement last week protesting his recent 60 day suspension from WWE for violating the company’s Talent Wellness Program, revealed the full note from his doctor as promised. The note, dated April 22, reveals that Rose was prescribed Adderall to treat ADHD.

Rose also responded to a tweet asking why he didn’t tell WWE immediately about being prescribed Adderall, adding that the company knew for over a year.

This was Rose’s second drug policy violation with WWE.


  1. WWE doesn’t give a damn. It’s unreal the way they’ve been treating their workers lately. They get rid of Hogan for a racist comment he made YEARS ago. This is Hogan we’re talking about, a man who helped catapult the company into the mainstream and made them millions. Then Titus gets suspended for something so minuscule. Ryback gets treated like shit just for giving his opinion on title matches being placed on pre-shows. And now they jump the gun on throwing a 2 month suspension on Adam Rose, when it appears that Adam has some legit documentation explaining his actions. This is why competition is good, and why it sucks that WWE is the only game in town. The roster has to walk on eggshells, otherwise there’s no where else for them to work. And no, TNA and ROH are not competition, not even close. The closest option these guys have (if they’re lucky) is New Japan. It would be nice if there was a strong American alternative again, a la WCW in the 90’s.

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